Resources For Giving Bible Studies

Below is a full set of Bible study guides in two sets.  The first focuses on getting to know Jesus, His love for you and how you can receive the gift of eternal life.  The second set teaches how to live in covenant faithfulness with Jesus, and more of what the Bible says about how to please Him.  These lessons can be used to give others Bible studies or learn more about the Bible yourself. 

There are some other supplementary materials included.  Below is a short guide to the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church including a short description of each belief and relevant bible verses on each topic.  Along with this there is a Bible marking guide so you can be prepared to share a few verses on each topic with your friends, family or neighbors on these important topics.


Come Alive With Jesus

  • Lesson 1     - Being Born     (Why you need Jesus, why Jesus needs you and what He's done to save you)
  • Lesson 2     - You've Been Born Again     (How to maintain your relationship with Jesus even when you fail)
  • Lesson 3     - You've Got To Eat To Grow     (The importance of daily Bible study to grow closer to Jesus)
  • Lesson 4     - You'll Learn To Talk     (The importance of daily prayer with your friend and Savior)
  • Lesson 5     - You're Growing! How Can You Tell?     (How a relationship with Jesus transforms and leads to obedience)
  • Lesson 6     - Get Your Exercise     (How sharing what God has done for you will bless you and others)
  • Lesson 7     - As You Grow, You'll Need Friends     (The importance of connecting with a church family)

Stay Alive With Jesus

  • Lesson 1     - He's Coming Back   (What signs in the world reveal about Jesus' soon coming)
  • Lesson 2     - When He Comes   (How, when and why Jesus will return)
  • Lesson 3     - The First Thousand Years With Jesus   (What will happen after Jesus returns in the first 1,000 years)
  • Lesson 4     - God's New Earth For You   (What the Bible reveals about the paradise God has planned for us)
  • Lesson 5     - Where Are You After You Die?   (What the Bible teaches about what happens when you die)
  • Lesson 6     - Destruction Of The Wicked   (The truth about Hell, the wicked and the character of God)
  • Lesson 7     - Only One Way To Heaven   (What the Bible says about how to obtain salvation by faith)
  • Lesson 8     - Baptism: Is It Necessary   (What the Bible says about the meaning and importance of baptism)
  • Lesson 9     - The Lord Will Be Your Lawyer   (What the Bible says about the judgment and our heavenly lawyer)
  • Lesson 10   - Direction For Living   (What the Bible says about God's moral, civic, ceremonial and health laws)
  • Lesson 11   - Lord Of Your Time   (Why God gave man the gift of the Sabbath and how to enjoy His gift)
  • Lesson 12   - Why Do So Many Worship On Sunday?   (What the Bible says about Sunday and the change to God's law)
  • Lesson 13   - Lord Of Your Things   (Why God asks for tithes and offerings)
  • Lesson 14   - Lord Of Your Body   (How living your life in harmony with the Bible can bring you health, peace and joy)
  • Lesson 15   - He'll Guide You To His Church   (What the Bible says about God's true church)

28 Fundamental Beliefs

Bible Marking Guide