Adventurer Club

Adventurer Club (Ages 4-9)


The Adventurer Club gives children a foundation of valuable life skills that promote spiritual, physical, intellectual and social growth. Children enjoy a variety of activities teaching them about nature, the Bible, arts and crafts, recreation, and life skills such as money management, cooking, outreach and service.

Adventurers are children from pre-K through fourth grade. The Adventurer program is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist church, but is open to all children and their families who are looking for positive Christian guidance for their little ones.

The Adventurer Club presently consists of six class levels. After graduating from Adventurers, many children grades 5-8 join a Pathfinder Club. Adventurers and Pathfinders can be found world-wide with a membership of more than 2.5 million boys and girls.


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