Women's Ministries

Women of Whipple Creek Join Together in Support and Ministry

Nurturing, empowering, and loving our women to serve in all areas of ministry.

This ministry focuses on the spiritual development of women in our church. Women have had a prominent role in the story of Christ, as He first appeared to Mary Magdalene after His resurrection. Christ directly commissioned women to share the Gospel, and our Women's Mnistries provides opportunities for mentorship, service, and to grow individually and as a group.

Women of all ages are can join in the fun that the women's ministries team orchestrates. Emphasizing the unique yet broadly applicable strengths that different women can bring to a team, our activities range from service activities to personally enriching gatherings. 

Regular Women's Ministries Events

Retreats, conference-wide and congregational
(Our most recent retreat was at Goldendale Project Patch, where 27 women enjoyed a full weekend to serve together and get to know one another better.)

Special Sabbaths

  • Women's International Day of Prayer
  • Women's Ministries Emphasis Day
  • Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day (enditnow

Care packages for kids in need
Mother-daughter tea and cookie party
Spa day
Casual Bible studies
Fellowship gatherings

If you'd like more information, you can request to receive our event updates.

We hope you'll connect with us. Women should feel that they are worthy and bring value to their church. Women's Ministries provides many resources and training to assist each woman in fulfilling their potential. There are workshops, certification programs, and Bible studies along with books, newsletters and brochures that are available. Women are encouraged to use their God-given talents, and we are here to give you a chance to make that happen, and to find a a place of support whenever you need it. 

Whipple Creek Adventist Church's women's ministries team is led by Ester Polehna, a night shift nurse who is passionate about her family and her church. She loves coming up with creative ideas to help people out, and always welcomes new activity suggestions or volunteers for events. You can reach her here